The VIII METHODIKA – International Festival for Theatre Training Methods takes place in Berlin for the first time from 27th November to 2nd December 2018

Press Release : November 02, 2018
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A long-established tradition, this festival has been bringing theatre professionals together since 1999 in different countries on a biennial basis. This year, the initiator and artistic director of the festival is himself the subject of artistic exchange. The VIII METHODIKA festival is entitled Resonance with the School of Jurij Alschitz and lies in the hands of his own “International Team of Teachers”.
The festival’s director, Christine Schmalor, has invited artists having received significant inspiration from Jurij Alschitz, and who now work as directors and teachers to present their working methods through trainings, lectures and so-called lecture performances. This valuable resonance provides the World Theatre Training Institute with live feedback for its teaching and research work.
Making this occasion particularly special is the 20th anniversary of artistic work in AKT-ZENT’s studio in Berlin Kreuzberg. Over the years, the studio has become the artistic homeland of innumerable colleagues from around the world.
As Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute, the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT dedicates this festival to the 70th anniversary of ITI, the World Organisation for Performing Arts.
Further Information about METHODIKA and the preliminary programme is available on our Website.

We appreciate your interest in our festival and are available for interviews.
If you are interested in attending METHODIKA, please contact us directly at 030 612 87 274 or
Contact: Christine Schmalor, festival director

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