Press Release : June 12, 2015
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The Venti Group, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of their New Venti™ DAS MIMO Antenna in Europe.

The Venti Group develops and owns patented antennas (horizontal and vertical polarization), coaxial sleeves (passive radiation suppression devices of coax & cables) and PIMconnect™ (manufacturing techniques for reducing PIM in antennas) technologies. The Venti Group currently holds nine (9) global patents, while having an additional eleven (11) patents pending.

Venti has partnered with EAD (Embedded Antenna Design Ltd), a leading distributor of antenna solutions and associated products in Europe. EAD provides antenna solutions for indoor and outdoor use; antennas deployed in applications using GSM, Cellular, 3G, 4G/LTE, GPS, ISM, WLAN and many other wireless technologies. The Venti™ DAS MIMO is now available for order through EAD within Europe.

The Dual Polarized Low PIM Rated Indoor Venti™ DAS MIMO Antenna For LTE

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are one of the fastest-growing types of cellular infrastructure that provide increased capacity and connectivity to users. These systems are designed to be deployed inside buildings, airports and sports arenas, which is a major benefit. Site companies understand that DAS solutions are effective for meeting customer expectations for seamless coverage, capacity, and consistently fast data rates. But as with any other type of wireless infrastructure, a DAS solution is only as effective as its designer’s ingenuity and attention to detail. A prime example is passive intermodulation (PIM), which plays a critical, but often under-appreciated role in determining whether a DAS solution can deliver the kind of uplink and downlink performance that helps an operator stand out from the competition. Stringent PIM requirements are critical to minimizing interference, which undermines data, video and voice performance, and saps network capacity.

The Venti™ DAS MIMO Antenna delivers unparalleled performance by utilizing true polarization diversity and a Low PIM Rating of -153 dBc across all frequency bands. The Venti™ DAS MIMO Antenna leverages several of our patented technologies including the Venti™ Horizontally Polarized Antenna, the Venti™ Sleeve, and Venti™ PIMconnect resulting in unmatched performance and an industry best PIM rating. Better Connectivity, Better Coverage, Better Throughput!

Abu Sayeed, Chief Engineer at On Air Solutions, a US based wireless system integrator for Sprint and convergence specialist commented, “Once we learned about the performance and price value of this indoor MIMO antenna engineered by Venti, it became our number one choice for project deployments.”

Benefits of The Venti™ DAS MIMO Antenna (VGMIMO152011):
• True Polarization Diversity utilizing both the Patented Venti™ Horizontal Polarized and Vertical Antennas
• Covers the Entire LTE Band: 698-2700MHz
• Omni Directional
• Consistent Reliable Minimum PIM Rating of -153 dBc or Better

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About Venti Group, LLC

The Venti Group develops wireless technologies that improve connectivity and data throughput for today’s Wireless World. Venti IP is comprised of three global patent families. The Venti™ antenna technology, a patented omni directional, horizontally polarized compact and low cost antenna technology; and when paired with a vertically polarized antenna, delivering true polarization diversity for greater coverage and data throughput. The Venti™ Antenna technology also includes compact single feed circular polarization. The Venti™ Sleeve is a passive RF suppression sleeve that helps to mitigate unwanted EMI / RFI / PIM or spurious noise traveling over the outer jacket of coax & cable. And the most recent member of the Venti IP family is the newly introduced Venti™ PIMconnect – manufacturing techniques used to produce Low PIM rated antennas. The Venti Group is committed to bringing our technologies to the Wireless World to enhance all communications with greater coverage along with faster and more reliable data.

About EAD (Embedded Antenna Design Ltd)

EAD (Embedded Antenna Design Ltd) is an innovative and creative company specialized in the design and supply of multi-band antenna solutions for telemetry and telematics applications. Their experience covers a wide range of antenna products from miniature handset antennas to wireless access point antennas and a variety of solutions in between. EAD offers a range of standard products in the GSM, Cellular, ISM, GPS and Wireless LAN frequency bands to reduce the time and cost of designing in custom antennas into wireless products and devices. EAD works with a network of distributors who offer product and support to our customers both in the UK and abroad. EAD is based in Buckingham, England.

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