The Smallest Laser Rangefinder by Egismos

Press Release : August 07, 2020
The Smallest Laser Rangefinder by Egismos

Egismos team is proud to introduce you to the first of a new series of laser range finders : the third generation laser distance meter: LDK-3M-20-RS

It has the most compact form factor ever : 42mm * 17mm * 7mm (~ 1.6 in * 0.7 in * 0.3 in) for a weight of only 4g , which makes it ideal for integration in any system or sub-assembly requiring automatic distance measure.

This first distance-meter module of a new promising line of laser measurers boasts the following specifications: a measuring range up to 20 meters (65.6 ft), with a 1mm resolution.

Through UART communication, the distance meter can be remote controlled with a common RS232 port (USB converter also available) with intuitive commands making it very easy and quick to adapt and adopt into any application. Several modes are available, such us: continuous or single point measurement, low or fast measure speed, laser switch off for energy savings, etc..

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