The presentation of costumes by the British designer David Watch.

24 March, 2010 Covent Garden, London.

The presentation of costumes by the British designer David Watch. On the show were presented bespoke costumes created by team of one of the most promising fashion designers of the 21-century. The particular interests for people were a variety of design accessories, which were presented together with David’s suits.

As you know, David Watch had worked on Jermyn Street, and enjoyed wide popularity amongst dandies of London. The identifying characteristic of his work, became a personal autograph, namely, special, stylish watches that elegantly sewed to the selected location on the suit by the customer! David negatives attitude towards advertising and promotion of its name. So he believes that there are more worthy ways to waste money.

Due to, Maestro decided to invite to the presentation of only existing clients, friends and admirers of talent of Mr. Watch. Nevertheless, entry remained free for all gentlemen who are not indifferent to men’s classic costume. And it did not go unnoticed. Rumors about the party Watch" spread quickly and Covent Garden was filled with a large audience that wants to enjoy the magnificent suits.

Every visitor was a donated handmade handkerchief of limited edition collection, featuring proprietary rabbit and hours. Surprisingly, handkerchiefs sufficed for everybody!

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