Press Release : October 11, 2015
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Five Strangers Films Inc. is now in pre-production of the gritty psychological thriller ABDUCTED, a gut-wrenching story about the conflict between secular reason and religious fantasy.

Sandra, a devout atheist is abducted and thrown in the fortified trunk of a car. She realizes quickly that the man who abducted her is an evangelical Christian serial killer who abducts women and tries to get them to repent by promising them salvation. When they do, he murders them before they have a chance to sin again. Sandra tries everything to escape including useful information about his former life that he finds in the trunk. Will she find a way to escape the clutches of her abductor or will she fall victim like the countless women have before her?

“Terrible, tragic things that happen in this world, and some are under the guise of the greater good.” said director/writer Marc Morgenstern, “When logic and reason clashes with the fantasy life of fundamental Christians, there is usually a victim. Whether it’s school curriculum or something as horrible as taking of someone else’s life.” Morgenstern continues, “When you have a type of Christian that would kill their children thinking they will be saved, or prevent them from getting medical treatment when they are ill, then you have a person who will create more atrocities in the name of their God.”

International, multiple award-winning writer / director Marc Morgenstern achieved worldwide distribution with his first feature film The Vampire Conspiracy and now is tackling the seedy underbelly of illegal organ harvesting in the feature film Vitals where he is joined by an all-star cast including: Tim Russ, (Star Trek: Voyager, Live Free and Die Hard), Christopher Showerman, (George of the Jungle 2, The Land That Time Forgot), Charlene Amoia, (How I Met Your Mother, American Reunion), Claudia Wells, (Back to the Future), which is currently in post-production.

Abducted is currently trying to raise funds on Kickstarter. If you can help by contributing or sending people to, It would be much appreciated.

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