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Study Finds That Internships May Be The Secret Behind The Most Successful Women In Marketing
August 01, 2022

Research conducted by Beyond Academy has found that over 16% of University of Leeds marketing alumni undertook internships at some point in thei...

Historic Randell Mills email confirming the “end of work on Earth and in Space” to be sold as minted NFT
November 19, 2021

The founder of Brilliant Light Power recently shared his discovery that humanoid robots can operate using energy cells that produce continuous,...

espresso book launch : 'a treasure trove'
September 07, 2021

 espresso launchArthur & Moose will publish espresso, a series of forty-five non-fiction micro-essays by Orlando Kimber, as an ebook on 15th...

Separation Anxiety Relief for Your Pet
July 09, 2020

Ease symptoms in your pet when you return to work
Blackburn, Lancashire: Time2 today advise of their solution to assist your pet’s separation a...

2b Acting responds to the recovery with the release of their ‘Get Paid’ series of interactive videos
June 01, 2020

New ways of working are emerging, calling for people to be better informed. The Yorkshire based digital media company, 2b Acting, believes thei...

Over 50% of UK workers claim to have an unhealthy work-life balance
April 08, 2020

As part of their ‘The Changing World’ research project, loveit coverit surveyed 300 professionals about their use of technology at work, their ...