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November 22, 2021

Conrad Energy, a leading UK independent power producer and service provider, and DTGen, one of the country’s leading generator specialists, have...

GeneSiC’s New 3rd GenerationSiC MOSFETs Featuring the Industry’s Best Figure-of-Merits
February 15, 2021

GeneSiC announces the availability of its industry-leading 3rd generation Silicon Carbide MOSFETs that feature industry-leading performance, ro...

UK Startup Announce Energy Storage Pilot with County Council
December 07, 2020

NOTTINGHAM, Nottinghamshire, 7/12/2020 -- Nottingham-based startup Cheesecake Energy Ltd (CEL) and Via East Midlands (Via) who are wholly own...

Energy Strategies Summit 2020 prepares the energy sector for a new start
November 19, 2020

This year, the Energy Strategies Summit is offering both physical and virtual meeting places for the energy industry. The Energy Strategies Sum...

How Incentives And Import Tariffs Affect The Cost Of Solar Power
October 14, 2020

Since the last few decades, solar power has grown exponentially all over the world. There are several factors contributing to the growth of sol...

Solar Power in US, The Top 5 States in East Coast
October 12, 2020

Solar power has been growing exponentially since the last 2 decades in the US. In the year 2000, there were only around 100 MW of solar install...

Why Are Solar Panels So Popular In California?
October 06, 2020

Within the last decade, the US solar industry has experienced a major growth from 2.5 GW of capacity in 2010 to over 81 GW within the first hal...

How Do Energy Storage Systems Save Money And Reduce Energy Bills
September 30, 2020

Ever since the discovery of electricity, storing energy for on-demand purposes has always be a sought-out method. Over the last several decades...

Tesla Battery Day 2020: How Affordable Batteries Benefit Renewables
September 29, 2020

Solar farms and wind turbines, at utility scale, have been able to produce electricity at a lower cost than coal, which offered the cheapest en...

Renewable Hot Water Systems: Solar Collectors and Heat Pumps
August 20, 2020

Energy consumption is one of the biggest factors considered when it comes to reducing the building expenses. Most energy consumption methods in...

Top 5 Home Features That Help Protect The Environment
August 18, 2020

Protecting the environment is one the most important concern nowadays, and businesses all around the world have started adopting eco friendly s...

New Solar Energy Optics technology transforms solar industry economics
July 28, 2020

Finnish technology company ICS has developed a unique technology platform and a film solution providing a 5-10% increase in energy output for ...