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Conscious Consumerism Within The Beauty Industry
November 16, 2020

Following David Attenborough’s Life on Our Planet documentary on Netflix, we are once again reminded of the responsibility we have to reduce ou...

'Plastic Free July' - Which Brands Are Leading The Way?
July 13, 2020

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, shoppers have been more likely to opt for food with plastic packaging (despite the fact that the WHO have said t...

Trucking, Transit and Cars Thank ECOFuelMax for working to Reduce Pollution
May 05, 2020

Look around and the reduction in Pollution the air people breathe is cleaner. The Skies are Blue and Rivers are cleaner.
Fort Lauderdale, Flori...

Waste management solutions for a world of pollution
March 19, 2020

What if we are all part of the solution and not part of the pollution, what if we lived in a world that is less polluted because the amount of w...