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Gratitude Lifts the Gloom of Lockdown
January 20, 2021

If the past year of pandemic and successive lockdowns is getting you down but you think that your life could be better, that you could be happier b...

December 22, 2020

NEBULA-75, a Thunderbirds-style puppet drama conceived of and produced in lockdown, returns for a new Christmas special guest starring broadcaster...

WFH Hollywood Edition: How COVID-19 Has Affected the Film Industry
December 22, 2020

In the film industry, there have been some successes and some huge losses. As the COVID-19 pandemic has kept many confined to their homes, online...

Adopting a Blue Zone Lifestyle This Christmas
December 14, 2020

We all know one of the best ways to feel good in ourselves is to be healthy. What we put into our bodies has a huge impact on our mood, energy an...

“Abigail Bear – The Lockdown” by Shona Stringer is published by Grosvenor House Publishing
December 08, 2020

ISBN #978-1839752773

“Abigail Bear – The Lockdown” by Shona Stringer is published by Grosvenor House Publishing
A charming, beautifully illustrat...

Lockdown Loss: One in five people lost body confidence during lockdown
November 27, 2020

Lockdown Loss: Over a Quarter of Brits Lost Body Confidence During Lockdown
Weight gain, unhealthy eating habits, loss of muscle tone and skin is... : a million and counting
November 24, 2020 : a million and counting
Exponential growth helped by Lockdown and Brexit
LONDON, UK: this week announced their ...

The Toddler Plate Christmas Sale Launches in Lockdown
November 04, 2020

To bring some cheer to lockdown, Munchy Play plates are offering 12% off their kid's tableware and toddler plates throughout the entire lockdown (...

A New Medical Breakthrough for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease
July 31, 2020

While several drug trials are ongoing, there is currently no proof that hydroxy-chloroquine or any other drug can cure or prevent COVID...

Time In is the New Going Out
July 31, 2020

London 31/07/2020: As Britain faces uncertainty around the easing of Lockdown, and parts of the North of England face tighter restrictions, it se...

Separation Anxiety Relief for Your Pet
July 09, 2020

Ease symptoms in your pet when you return to work
Blackburn, Lancashire: Time2 today advise of their solution to assist your pet’s separation anxi...

From Breakdown to Best-Seller: Joshua Fletcher gives hope for the Anxious
July 06, 2020

It has been an eventful seven years since Josh experienced his nervous breakdown whilst at work. He was horrified, embarrassed and thought he’d nev...

Subodh Bajpai Photography has Canceled/Postponed All Events amid Corona Virus
June 28, 2020

28th June 2020, New Delhi: Subodh Bajpai Photography is the big name in the industry of wedding photography and pre-wedding photoshoot. A few time...

Lockdown entrepreneur neighbours shake up the home learning scene
June 12, 2020

GROW Together!
10 June 2020Contact: Jess Carter (+44) 07722301375,
Lockdown entrepreneur neighbours shake up the home...

Keeping people connected during Covid-19
June 11, 2020

We all know just how difficult these past few months have been, and the mobile phone industry has been no different. With a range of rather challe...

Car Prices Drop Significantly as Trade Centre UK Slashes Prices post-Lockdown
May 29, 2020

Car Prices Drop Significantly as Trade Centre UK Slashes Prices post-Lockdown
The Trade Centre have transformed their showrooms into what they cla...

London couple launch the ‘New Date Night’; bringing romance back to homes across the UK during lockdown
May 23, 2020

Relationship boredom is plaguing UK live-in couples as they transition to the ‘new normal’. Holidays are off the cards, experiences out the window...

Oğuzhan Koçaklı: Lockdown Has Contributed to the Productivity of Artists
May 22, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak affected the music industry as well as many other sectors. While many shows were canceled due to the taken measures, digital ...

Ways to Stay Fit in the Lockdown too
May 07, 2020

Whether you want to maintain your exercise regime or get your own four walls up a bit - crazy, many people find it helpful to set up a routine. ...

Start-up tackles hefty lockdown energy bills with free service
May 06, 2020

A London based start-up launches free energy efficiency advice to help households cut utility bills by up to £500 per year. As little as 10 questi...

Introducing a NEW Facebook Group aimed at MEN ONLY
May 04, 2020

TEAM MEN Facebook Group is a FREE group for Men who like are missing their usual hangouts of the gym, the sports ground and the pub during lockdown...

New picture book tackles lockdown loneliness
April 30, 2020

Scottish author Isla Wynter has released a new picture book about a lonely bunny on the moon, born from her own experience of self-isolation and b...

Cada Global launches GetRiskManager the solution for risk management
April 30, 2020

Cada Global is launching a new product, GetRiskManager, a free online risk management platform targeting the growing demand for risk management fr...