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YPortal Cine: The Seventh Art Portal for Digital Billboards
November 30, 2020

The use of a software for digital billboards, such as YPORTAL CINE, facilitates the creation of an engaging environment in cinema through inter...

A Clear Solution to Face Masks - Barriers in Communication
October 27, 2020

Our transparent masks can help minimise the transmission of viruses and facilitate better interactions, providing an opportunity to conn...

Tenets for Responsible and Ethical Communications Signed by More than 60 Professionals from all over the World
May 29, 2020

World Communications Forum Association was the organizer of a First Davos Online Communications Forum, which took place on Zoom April 2020 with...

Self-isolation: How to stay social with loved ones
March 20, 2020

Self-isolation: How to stay social with your loved ones

By Emma Gardner, Director of Aubergine, a tech focussed PR agency

With vulnerable gro...