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Chemical Products Ethylbenzoylacetate Safety Information
October 27, 2020

CAS No:94-02-0Formula:C11H12O3Synonyms:FEMA 2423;AKOS 92622;FEMA No. 2423;AKOS BBS-00004233;Ethylbenzoylacetat;ETHYL BENZOYLACETATE;Ethyl benzo...

Chemical Products Methyl4-formylbenzoate Characteristics
September 14, 2020

Chemical Products Methyl4-formylbenzoate Descriptionwhite crystalline powderNeedles (in water) or white powder.
Chemical Products Methyl4-formy...

the chemical products industry is its own best customer
July 28, 2020

The boundaries of the chemical products industry, then, are somewhat confused. Its main raw materials are the fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, a...