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Kris Kourtis News. Kris Kourtis quits The internet
February 23, 2021

Kris Kourtis News. Kris quits the internet.Kris Kourtis has decided to quit the internet and live a simple life.With all the wealth that he has ...

Kris Kourtis to release new single.
December 24, 2020

Kris Kourtis to release new single.Kris Kourtis's smash hit song (Together)That was released back in 2012 and was a huge success. Now Kr...

Kris Kourtis On Air a new show to be distributed
December 11, 2020

Talk show host and TV commentator Kris Kourtis revealed on Vibe FM that he is releasing all his radio shows worldwide.Kris Kourtis On Ai...

Vancouver Model Tops the List of 10 Most Handsome Men from the Middle East
August 08, 2020

Vancouver, BC, Aug 8, 2020 -- A recent study has shown that a local Vancouver model placed as one of the top, most handsome men from the Middle...

Alexa Demara To Release Fitness App
April 17, 2020

Alexa Demara, an entrepreneur who has been featured in various magazines, campaigns, and fitness competitions, will be releasing a fitness appl...

Ryan McGregor Releases New Song "Waistcoat! British Man in America"
March 12, 2020

British stage and film actor Ryan McGregor has released his first hip hop song, "Waistcoat! British Man in America," from the upcoming animat...

April 08, 2010

The UKs only cosmetic treatment review website, asked 1,432 women if they would consider undergoing a non-inv...