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How Upgrading Your Transformer Can Help You Save Electricity
December 14, 2020

Transformers are fundamental for electricity distribution, stepping the voltage up and down as it travels from power plants to individual building...

How To Finance Building Upgrades Using A Blended Payback Period
November 24, 2020

Building retrofits can greatly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. However, the first step is finding the most suitable energy...

Improving Indoor Air Quality With The Right Construction Materials
September 09, 2020

Most of the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) projects focus on already existing buildings, and are already occupied. However, there is one aspect of const...

Resilient Design, Is Resilience The New Sustainability?
August 13, 2020

When we first hear the word “resilience”, we instantly think about the ability to recover quickly and bounce back. In construction industry, resil...

Understanding The Three Types Of Energy Models For Buildings
August 09, 2020

Energy Consumption is one of the most important factors for reducing the environmental footprint and also for increasing the building energy effic...