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Bridging Refinancing Boosted by Covid and Brexit
October 04, 2021

The twin spectres haunting the UK economy – Covid and Brexit – have combined to push up demand for bridging refinancing in 2021, according to in...

Brexit Causes Mysimba Medication Delays
September 22, 2021

For patients currently using the prescription medicine Mysimba, Brexit and logistics issues in the supply chain have resulted in a national shor...

Pandemic and Brexit Prompt Surge in Online Learning and Assessment
March 24, 2021

Over the last year – faced with Covid-19 and Brexit among other issues - people have become a lot clearer about what matters to them and, theref...

7 Best Forex Brokers to Trade Brexit
February 04, 2021

OVERVIEWWith the Britain leaving the European Union, unprecedented waves of volatility were experienced in the UK markets. While some traders ma...

Brexit Update: Indestructible Paint and UK Withdrawal from the European Union
December 08, 2020

Indestructible Paint is preparing for a “no-deal” Brexit with no agreement being reached by 31st December 2020 and with it an immediate transfe...

New rapid-turnaround Brexit service launched to help thousands of UK businesses prepare for January 1st
December 02, 2020

A new Brexit service has been launched to help the thousands of UK businesses yet to fully prepare for the end of the Transition Period... : a million and counting
November 24, 2020 : a million and counting
Exponential growth helped by Lockdown and Brexit
LONDON, UK: this week announced the...

What Does Brexit Mean for Electrical and Electronic Product Restricted Substance Compliance?
November 12, 2020

The UK government has published guidance to help manufacturers and importers placing electrical and electronic (EE) products onto the UK market...

GEOPOLITICS: The Eternal Brexit - Analysis
September 10, 2020

In 2016, the British government called for a referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union. The British ...

Shadow of Doubt wins 2020 IRDA Mystery/Suspense/Thriller award
June 01, 2020

Contact:          SL Beaumont            

March 19, 2020

Young bestselling authors Theresa Vogrin and Nathan Bragg release parody poetry collection Milk and Brexit; a humoristic spin on people’s thoug...