Press Release : February 09, 2010
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SZ BZDE is a documentary focused on the Turkish young people who are invisible to the policy and decision makers up and down and across Britain. This is a timely documentary shining a bright spotlight on the key issues that are exercising the minds of many in the Country. The invisibility in the official statistics means that the needs and aspiration of this particular group are being ignored and not taken into account in many facets of life. It is how young people feel about their parents country of origin, about their own belonging, identity, religion, culture and above all about being in Britain and to be British.

In the documentary, young people are interviewed on their attitude towards citizenship, nationality, about their Turkish-British identity, what they think about role models and their experience when faced with prejudice. The challenges and opportunities within and outside the British education system. The bilingual documentary has been filmed on location in Istanbul, Turkey and in Britain.

Suncut Productions – Suncut is a boutique London based not for profit independent production company. They have researched, produced and directed the documentary. Suncut have successfully managed another ground breaking first when it premiered its first short film at City Hall, London with the Mayor of London in 2006. Following this an exhibition entitled Turks in London was show cased at the European Parliament, Brussels in 2007, to much acclaim. An extract can be read on the BBC news website.

Producer and director Semra Eren-Nijhar, an internationally renowned sociologist who has researched on social policy issues in the UK, across Europe and Turkey for the last 23 years has directed and produced, along with producer and director Ersin Atl this thought provoking documentary. Ersin is an experienced film maker, has been active in the field for the last 8 years. They both have teamed up to combine their energies to create an unique and timely documentary on Turkish Youth in London.

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