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Press Release : April 09, 2010
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Site was down on 3rd March due to a bill that we had outstanding for server costs.

KRISISDnB is 3 years old now and NeO and myself have funded the server and stream costs between us, which adds up to around £2000 (bit of a guess but isnt far off) total so far.

The DONATE button is on the front page near the bottom on the right and you can use either paypal, or most visa, mastercard, and other ways to help us.

Or if you would rather use paypal direct then our paypal address is :

We had always hoped that with the V3 site, mp3 and merchandise shop on the site then we could cover the increased costs of the server in order to support the demands of the increased user population and techology improvements that have made the site look a lot more professnal than before, and given us a lot more flexibility in how we improve the site, but it hasnt worked out that way so far.

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