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StarOfService UK & Ireland: The application that is revolutionising, The marketplace.


Posted 28th August 2015.

It is possible to buy almost anything you want from the Internet nowadays. When it comes to services, researches often become more complex. Whether it is to find a Therapist, a chef or a personal trainer, the consumer wastes on average 3 hours to find The competent, affordable and available person close to home. It is from this observation that StarOfService was born. Its goal? Greatly facilitate access to services for the general public recommending them the best professionals. The platform, which now brings together thousands of companies, is launching its mobile application today.

150 000 trustworthy professionals by a single click :

The www.StarOfService.co.uk app offers users the possibility to find trustworthy professionals closer to home via its GPS system. Gardener, magician, Language teacher, Household, Snow clearer, Animation experts, … more than 150, 000 professionals spread over 900 categories of services are held for users to meet all their needs.

The benefits of such a platform are undeniable:
– Time saving: No longer waste hours searching the internet to find needed professionals and compare multiple quotes.
– Money saving: Customers choose for themselves the price of the service that suits them the most.

“The variety and originality of the services that can be found on our platform is undoubtedly one of our main strengths. Since our start, thousands of relationships have been completed and 95% of our customers are satisfied with the professionals they met, “says Toni Paignant, co-founder of StarOfService.

How does it work?

The use of the website is 100% free for users. The user can simply make a request customised to their need in a few clicks. StarOfService examines and shortlists thousands of professionals to find those available close to home. Within minutes, the user receives by email quotes of professionals. All that is left for users to do is to select the offer that best suits him.

www.StarOfService.co.uk has implemented a “Quality label”; that is to say that the website staff makes sure that the professionals are properly authorized and secured, to stop any fraud and to protect users.

The user are able to leave feedback regarding the professional skills if they wish to.

Download the StarOfService app right now in the AppStore!


Founded in 2012 by Lucas Lambertini, Mael Leclair and Toni Paignant, StarOfService is a research platform for local services, which alerts. Location, and compares the best professionals in real time. The start-up counts now 40 people and raised € 400K in 2014 with founders BlaBlaCar. StarOfService launches app on iOS today

Our website: www.starofservice.co.uk
Our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/StarOfServiceUKIreland
Our Twitter www.twitter.com/UKStarOfService

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