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Press Release : October 17, 2018
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For students, life is full of new experiences. From science experiments to field trips, the discoveries are endless. As a teacher, you are the ambassador of knowledge and passion. There are going to be challenging days and exciting days, but what matters most is the impact you have and the memories you create with your students. Not every subject you teach is going to ignite curiosity in your students, but there are things you can do to bridge the gap between your curriculum and your students’ imaginations.

Student History Tours

Some students enjoy learning about history, and some don’t. If you are looking for ways to spice up topics like World War II, Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights, and the Federal Reserve, then an NYC student history tour may be the perfect solution. As an educator, you will control the itinerary and plan the tour. You can customize the tour by selecting from venues like Centennial Olympic Park, the CNN studio, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Your students will not only have the opportunity to indulge in the rich and diverse history of New York City, they will also be able to experience the revered shopping and food culture of the city as well.

What Is Included in a Tour?

When you decide to participate in an NYC student history tour, you will be afforded several amenities. As a part of your group’s package, you will be provided suggestions for air, motor coach, or train travel, and the tour office will handle the administrative details like reservations, booking, and ticketing. The hotels selected by the tour company for your group’s sleeping arrangements are all considered “student safe”. This means that the hotel is brand-name, there are no outdoor corridors, no students will be housed on the first floor, and all mini-bars within the rooms will be locked. The tour company will produce your customized itinerary and work with you personally on how to achieve your learning goals during the course of the trip. Next, your students will receive high-quality American or continental breakfasts and your evening meals can be customized to meet either the dietary requirements of your students or the theme of your trip. The tour guides you work with will be licensed and professional and will create a fun and educational experience.

Finally, a bonded security guard will remain on your group’s floor during nighttime hours to help keep an eye on students. Tours are a great way to engage your students in the learning process, create memories, and leave lasting impressions of what our species has accomplished.

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