Press Release : September 08, 2017
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Why SMS customer support?

That’s just a tiny question with various answers!

SMS customer support because:

It offers a personalized support.
It is affordable.
Text messages have the highest open rate.
SMS customer service is unaffected by the device type and the network.
In order to leverage all the benefits of SMS customer support, the service needs to be provided in a correct manner! There are a number of mistakes that the businesses often commit while providing this type of customer support. Here’s a list of what all doesn’t go well:

Not allowing the customers to choose:
Customers have the right to decide whether they wish to receive text communications or not. Forcing your marketing offers on them is only going to irritate them. So, it’s your duty to ensure that your brand has the permission to contact customers over this channel.

Addressing a wrong kind of problem with SMS customer support:
Though SMS customer support is affordable, fast, convenient and has a high open rate but using it to address all the problems is not acceptable. There are situations where a complex, technical explanation is required instantly. Using a huge text message to provide all that information into is not a good practice. Such problems should rather be addressed using live chat.

Not taking care of bureaucracy:
This one goes for small businesses like insurance companies or health services or car rental agencies. Such companies should allow a convenient bureaucracy through text messages. The insurance companies should allow their customers to make amendments in their policies through SMS. Similarly the health and car rental services should enable their customers to update their medical records and make contract and reservation related changes respectively through text messages.

Not valuing customers’ time:
Customers today, expect someone to respond to their queries instantly. They feel as if they are not valued if their concerns are not addressed immediately. Replying late or at times that are inappropriate is like disrespecting their time. So, it’s advisable to use an automated service so that the customers receive a reply at a time suitable to them.

Avoiding these blunders can help make the most out of text message support and benefit your business in the long run.

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