Press Release : January 30, 2017
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Joelle Paris Announces the Arrival of Choice Products from France – Hotspot of Fashion!

Womenfolk of all ages are always conscious of their beautiful look. Expert beauticians assert that the foundation of beauty lies in impeccable skin care and hair care. They go still further that instead of the love and care to be bestowed on these two vital aspects, many women concentrate on what makeup to wear over their skin. Based on this discovery, Joelle Parris, ( popular advisor on beautification techniques over a decade, made extensive research and announces that she has created a range of skin care products, hair care products, and hair loss lotion etc. with the help of dedicated team of beauty experts and a pioneering Parisian-Laboratory.
The announcement made today by Joelle says these beauty products now introduced are the outcome of four years of exhaustive in-depth research and development, inside the finest labs of France. The key factor behind such a research is the belief that ‘Beauty is a concept that is hard to define but it is a key that opens the door to a world of confidence, power and positivity.” Their Mission is “aspiration to give every woman the right to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin”.
Joelle in the announcement informs the feminine world that by visiting the website, they will get pampered with a wide range of skin care products, hair care products, and hair loss lotion etc. All these products may vary in mixing the herbal and natural ingredients, so as to cater to the varying needs of women, depending upon their age, complexion, lifestyle and usage. Yet the superlative world-class quality inherent in each and every product remains unchanged and uncompromised.
The beautification exercise of women is assorted and varied from country to country. Yet the basic objective is one and the same, namely they want to protect their skin from environmental hazards, from season to season. The skin is the barometer to show off aging; and no woman in their right sense would like to show they are “aged”.
Similarly, with regard to Hair Care, the wishes and aspirations of women all over the world focus on long, healthy, dense, curly and colorful hair over the head. So every woman is very cautious about what they use, to maintain their Hair Care conspicuously.
Through the announcement Joelle reassures that they have taken note of the variations and specifications of the wishes and desires of global women customers, and that’s why they offer the widest range of skin care products, hair care products, and hair loss lotion etc. possible.
As an example, the announcement points out that in each category of Skin Care and Hair Care, they have offered numerous products with fancy names. As a compact kit, they also offer Set Box, which contains both Skin Care and Hair Care Products, to be carried anywhere and during travel.
Some of the products from the huge list are – Skin Care – Five steps; Golden Girl; JGlow; So Cool; and Sow White. Hair Care – Color Protect; Intense Nutritive; Liss Keratine; Sun Protect; Hair Loss; Blow Shine. Set Box for both – Intense Nutritive; Skin Care; Sun Protect; Travel Kit; Sow White; Hair Care Box. Under each heading, customers will find different products for the same purpose and use.
Thus Joelle Paris comes forward with world-quality beauty products of France origin; and invites beauty-conscious ladies to visit and get benefited.

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