Shusso Consultancy says Google lets men multi-task equally as well as women for the first time ever

We know that women can multi-task better than men right ( Or that is the myth, read more here ) . However Google have come up with a way to equal the playing field. If you are like the Shusso team and work across multiple projects at the same time from the web; you will find you lose hours switching between applications/projects/windows, work flows etc.

Working on more than one thing is inefficient because of the switching costs to you in time and concentration. This guy agrees, and he sounds like an expert to us

Here is a way to get some of your time and focus back:

1. Install google chrome as your internet browser by clicking here .
Why? It works with less crashes than Internet explorer and has faster functionality when using more than one tab. (Even than the Mozilla Firefox browser) . Chrome will allows you to have ten or more tabs open with no problem).

2. Now its time to pimp your internet ride!
You can tailor your new internet browser, Chrome, with some really useful tools. These are called extensions. Go here to find them. These extensions quickly let you accomplish other jobs outside of your main work without taking minutes to get into the side task or losing focus from your main work. Now, you can start to become more efficient. Our favourites are the calculator , the tasks and the URL shortener . They install in seconds too and are visible as handy buttons on your browser.

Thats it, our work here is done. Women multi-tasking better than men is a thing of the past.

Was it ever true?

Frankly, we dont care, we just have more time free now to play golf. That is unless you install the FHM extension, which is just stupid really.


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