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Press Release : March 10, 2010
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Hello Everyone,

Today Energy and Lighting Control has become an important and global issue. Smart-HDL information and solutions will make you happy more and more

The Powerful Dimmers and relays have many advantages to you, The Unique Super powerful Dimmers today are the solution for those who have problem for connecting the bus lighting system to 110V in such countries like USA, Saudi Arabia and others, The Smart-BUS Product range or what is called (S-bus) Dimmers and relays solve any voltage and Hz problems and have many more features and protection like:

1- same module can work on both 110V, and 220V, no need now to stock 2 different types, make mistake in ordering, or care about installation.

2- Powerful, can dim, ramp the output from 1V-110 V if supplied by 110 V, 1V -220V if supplied by 220V, power Line in from 85-260V AC.

3- Standard, work in both 50 HZ and 60 HZ, Auto detecting Technology. Green, operated by the bus network 24V supply, Operation consumption for the 8 channels Relay, Just 12mA/24VDC.

4- Protection, all Dimmers have built in temperature sensor for overheat protection, with big heat sink, with overload, and surge Protection for both power line and signal line..

5- Smart & Elegant, small and din rail, with channel momentary button operated, Life LED indicator, Broadcast address function, Elegant plastic Labeling Area.

6- Functionality, Channel Maximum Level setting, minimum Dimming Level, Safety Delay time option, channel name and load type remarks, Scene and Area Settings, Sequence programming for Disco show or Industrial applications, Power On Module default safety scene setting.

7- All Options, for all installation needs, for Din Rail Range, Dimmer 6 channels 2 Amp for reference Code you can Search for Model(SB-DIN-D0206) Dimmer 4 channels 3 Amp for reference Code you can Search for Model(SB-DIN-D0403) Dimmer 2 channels 5 Amp for reference Code you can Search for Model(SB-DIN-D0205) Relay 8 Channel 16 Amp for reference Code you can Search for Model(SB-DIN-R0816) Relay 8 Channel 10 Amp for reference Code you can Search for Model(SB-DIN-R0810) Relay 4 Channel 10 Amp for reference Code you can Search for Model(SB-DIN-R0410) Relay 4 Channel 20 Amp for reference Code you can Search for Model(SB-DIN-R0420) Curtain 2 Change over Relays for 2 curtains.

8- Do not waste your Money buying those expensive Brands with less Features and complicated installation software and connection topology. the S-BUS Price and Quality are great and more than needed while price is real value for the money. The Manufacturer offer 18 Month Warranty, with incompatible price, helping you to make your smart home with 0 Cost, by saving wiring and energy and free training on the easiest installation and simple programming, you can finish your project in 1 day

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Firas K. Mazloum Smarthome Guru Digitcom – Smart home High Definition Living

Dubai – UAE

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