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Save Big in the Upsurge of Housing Market Prices In the UK

Man and Vans

Posted 15th December 2017.

In 3 years house prices are projected to increase by 14.2%. Consequently, relocation is becoming less of an exciting project and more of a daunting prospect for homeowners in the UK. The question to be answered is how does one save when purchasing a new home in these financial pressurising conditions?
London, 1 December 2017: Per real estate adviser Savills, housing prices across the UK are projected to grow over the next couple of years. An increase of 18% in North West England, and 7% in London. Currently prices of homes in London are 12.9 times the average earnings of locals.
When looking for a house in these harsh economic conditions it’s about finding a home that is cost saving when it comes to repairing and maintaining it in the long haul.
One should look out for the following value for money housing features:
Look for an energy efficient home
Insulated ductwork can help costs of running Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.
Purchasing a home with an old HVAC unit can lead to a higher utility bill, than modern units.
30% of your homes heating and air conditioning system can escape out of windows, thus ensure your new home has double paned windows to keep in the heat on those chilly winter days.

Look for well-built design features in your home
Ensure the plumbing in the house is attainable through a crawl space, basement and has outdoor access, this ensures prevention of unknown leaks and costs related to access the plumbing lines to repair.

For older homes inquire when the last time the electrical system was inspected, ensure there is the correct amperage ideally 200 amps, and absence of aluminium wiring which can become hazardous over the years.

Look for a structurally sound home
Make sure your new home is structurally sound, look out for squeaking floors, large cracks on interior and exterior walls and sagging ceilings.
The outdoors of your home
The outside area such as the garden, sidewalks, and hardscaping can all contribute to maintenance cost of your home.
Shade trees will save you money, providing shade in the sweltering summer and act as a windbreak in the winter.
Make sure your landscape has good drainage systems, and the flora in the garden is suitable to the climate to avoid unnecessarily costs of water expenditure.
Look for lifestyle features that suit you
It is important to find a house that suits your style and interests, if you not big on cooking, then avoid spending money on a large kitchen. Buying something with value for money does not come in buying a house you fantasise about in magazines, but rather shop for a house that fits the way you live, in terms of space needed and inventory.
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