Rugby Zone Speaks On Becoming One Of The Most Successful Rugby Channels On YouTube

Rugby Zone Speaks On Becoming One Of The Most Successful Rugby Channels On YouTube 1

Rugby Zone is an English YouTube channel created by William Wand on the 16 April 2013. Although, it wasn’t until November 3 2014 when the first video was uploaded onto the channel. However, Rugby Zone would never have been able to guess where the channel sits today, with the most viewed video currently sitting at 4.6 million views to date.

William WandWilliam says a lot of work that goes into the channel. Whether it’s searching the web for footage to include in a new video or designing a new logo, it does require time and effort. YouTube is all about building your own fanbase. Today, there are around 2 billion users on YouTube, so getting your name out there can be very difficult. Like any business, it is all about differentiating your brand from your competitors. As far as YouTube goes, this can be done in multiple ways for example: changing your style of editing, creating a unique logo or uploading videos that areoutstanding from the rest. Giving the fans what they want is something that’s most important in this industry, it’s the best way to maintain their loyalty. This can be done by tracking analytics and gathering data which indicates what type of videos your fans enjoy the most.

Rugby Zone have uploaded six videos which have surpassed 1 million views. The most viewed video is currently one of the most popular rugby videos on the internet. William believes his channel is a great way to promote the sport globally, and combine his passion of content creation and rugby.

Rugby Zone started making videos on Vine, an American short-form video hosting service, where users shared six-second-long, looping video clips. It was founded in June 2012. Rugby Zone accumulated a small 1,000 followers which motivated William to start a YouTube channel.

William has worked with the Bolt+ Network during the time of the Rugby World Cup 2019. Bolt+ is an interactive media platform offering sports content, as well as live TV and radio channels. Rugby Zone produced overviews of the games played during the RWC ,which can be found on the Bolt+ app available on Apple & Android. 

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