Roadsky Launches Crawler Pile Driver for Solar Power Plant

Press Release : May 13, 2016
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As clean energy that does not lead to any harmful emissions during operation, solar power gets more and more attention in recent years. Many countries start building solar power plant in scales. So Roadsky refits the guardrail pile driver to new solar panel pile driver.

“Many customers ask about the pile drivers for solar power plant.” said Johnson Dai, Sales manager of Roadsky Traffic Safety. “So we discuss the problem with our technical department, they put forward the plan of refitting the guardrail pile driver.”

The solar panel pile driver is crawler powered which can be well adapted to mountainous and other rough terrain. The engine is customized to match the power demand of the crawler.

The height of solar power plant panel is usually 3m to 4m, which is much higher than guardrail post. In order to increase the piling height, Roadsky increase the length of the piling rail. “We also change the gravity center of machine to keep balance when piling the panel.” said Johnson Dai.

Roadsky also change the design of hydraulic control system. “In order to increase the piling height, increase the piling rail length is not enough, we also change the design of hydraulic control system.” said Johnson Dai, “higher piling depth needs more power, so we improve the hydraulic system to provide more power.”

Customers can visit to see more information about the solar pile driver.

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