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Rise in Cancer Patients to Propel the Growth of the Global Antimetabolite Drugs Market during 2017-2025

transparency market research

Posted 8th January 2019.

A new report published by Transparency Market Research anticipates the global antimetabolite market will grow significantly during 2017-2025, owing to the rise in cancer patients and the research activities that are carried out across the globe.

By enzymatic reaction, antimetabolite inhibits a metabolite or interfere with metabolic pathways. Antimetabolite chemicals are on the important chemotherapeutic agents and are categorized by low molecular weight molecules. With a similar structure like molecules used in nucleic acid synthesis, antimetabolite chemicals are used as cancer therapeutics in ovarian, leukemia and gastrointestinal cancers.

As these chemicals stop the cell growth and division, a negative effect is made on cell cycles and therefore, these are used mainly as chemotherapeutics in cancers. Antimetabolites have wide ranging applications like antibiotics and trabeculectomy. According to the report, the global antimetabolite drugs market will record a significant growth during the forecast timeframe, owing to the numerous factors. Among which, the increasing number of cancer patients will be a major market driver.

As per the WHO, cancer is the major cause of the morbidity and mortality across the world impacting 14 million people every year that result in the rapid increase in research activities globally. This therefore causes a substantial demand for the antimetabolite drugs across the world. The report says this is a major contributor in driving the global antimetabolite drugs market. Moreover, as the prevalence of unhealthy lifestyles increases like cigarette smoking, cigar smoking, pipes, the chances of cancer thereby increase as well. All the more reason for the global antimetabolite market to grow remarkably.

To read the detailed report on the antimetabolite drugs market, kindly visit https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/antimetabolite-drugs-market.html.

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