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Press Release : July 18, 2016
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The ongoing fight against cancer is one that consumes many people of our population. Cancer is at the forefront for research and development of drugs and equipment manufactured to treat and attempt to beat cancer so individual patients can have longer lives with more quality of life post treatment than they have ever had before.

The equipment used to treat cancer patients is highly customized and highly technical in nature, so oncology equipment service specialists are in high demand to take care of these expensive and critical pieces of life-saving equipment. One such piece of equipment is the Linear Accelerator. The linear accelerator, or LINAC, is what is used when you commonly hear that a patient is receiving radiation treatments to shrink or dissipate tumors and kill cancer cells. This machine treats every part of the body, and it directs high-energy x-rays to the exact shape and size of the cancer tumor in the patient so that it destroys the cancer cells but it leaves all the other tissue around the tumor unharmed.

Doing this procedure is fairly simple for the patient, but the process to get there is highly complex. It involves settings for the machine that direct the beam of microwave technology in a precise manner so that the dosage is correct – basically the time that the beam is active and directed at the tumor site. All the calculations have to be created and then monitored closely to ensure that what should go to the patient actually matches what was prescribed. Making sure the machine is calibrated to do what it needs to do is the function of a linear accelerator service specialist.

Another specialized piece of oncology equipment is the CT Scanner. A Computed Tomography, or CT, scanner is an extremely high end imager which takes pictures of “slices” of the body using x-ray technology. The slices are extremely thin and show all the parts of the body – organs, bones and tissues. In fact, today’s CT scanners use an even more technologically advanced process called helical or spiral continuous pictures instead of individual slices. This type is faster and more precise than the older sliced versions and they produce a better 3D image of the whole body. This allows tiny abnormalities to be seen better than they were before.

The CT scanner is also used for other conditions such as looking for arterial abnormalities indicating heart disease or aneurysms in the brain. During the procedure, a patient lies on a table that moves very slowly through the center of the x-ray scanner, or in some models the scanner moves and the table stays stationary.

No matter what type of oncology equipment you use, RadParts.com has the replacement parts you need to keep them operating. They specialize in offering low cost replacement and repair parts so that you can keep your equipment in top running order and help your patients in their fight against cancer. For more information about the parts that RadParts.com offers or to discuss your needs with a professional, please visit http://radparts.com/.

About Rad Parts:

Radparts is the world’s largest independent distributor of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators and Radiation Oncology equipment. We provide high quality, user friendly, low cost Linear Accelerators Replacement Parts, CT Scanner Replacement Parts and radiation equipment.

Radparts is the world’s largest independent distributor of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators and Radiation Oncology equipment. We provide high quality, low cost Linear Accelerators Replacement Parts and CT Scanner Replacement Parts. For more information,please visit: http://radparts.com/

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