Protect Alarms develops its self-install alarms to deliver around-the-clock safety and security to those looking for monitored eldercare solutions

Press Release : November 27, 2015
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Called HomeAssist, the system has been designed and developed as a self-installed solution to fit within the company’s existing product range, which also include systems for student safety, home intruder alarm and panic alerts.

The whole system costs just £99.95, followed by a monitoring fee of just £9.95, which, in the event of an emergency will enable the user to be connected to a secure, UK-based monitoring station, which is manned 24/7.

As a self-install device, the system can take less than 30 minutes to setup, and requires no DIY experience.

HomeAssist comprises of a central control unit, called the Hub, and an alert pendant, which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. Once the Hub has been plugged into an existing phone line, the pendent is easily connected with the click of the button.

In the event of an emergency, the user simply presses the button, which then alerts a controller, who then assists the system user. And, if required, the controller will call a loved one, or if necessary, the emergency services.

HomeAssist uses new, smart technology in order to ensure ease of use and reliability, which is crucial in times of need.

Speaking about the system’s development, Howard Mann, Operations Manager at Protect Alarms stated: “The true USP of HomeAssist is in the way it works and in the way it supports those requiring assisted eldercare services.

“More and more people in the UK are requiring extra help in the home, and HomeAssist forms an important part of the service delivery, ensuring the user is given assistance when required, whilst giving confidence and reassurance to their loved ones.

“I’m confident HomeAssist will become a popular choice because of its reliability and the way it provides real-time response – night or day.”

HomeAssist is now available to buy via the Protect Alarms website,

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