Press Release : December 08, 2009
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This new program is amazingly offering sport organizations the opportunity to help them build or renovate their sport facilities in hope of encouraging youngsters to join and ultimately keep them off the streets.

Friendship Zone is urging any sport organization that needs renovation to step forward and make contact, as Friendship Zone will be able to help fund this as part of their Youth Sport Infrastructure Programme.

Ever since teenagers have been asked why they are out on the streets causing trouble, the reason given is usually that there is nothing for them to do. Youth Sport Infrastructure Development can aid in giving them something to do. Friendship Zone will help sport organisations to make this happen.

Friendship Zone Charity is ultimately a social networking web site, which has various programmes their members can apply for online. This web site promotes friendship, allows a person to make friends online, take part in quizzes, listen to music, and apply for a choice of programmes.

This project is largely about opening up opportunities for sport organisations and also to aid youngsters in giving them something fulfilling to do with their time.

Please visit and register on the Friendship Zone website to apply for this great opportunity. Follow the Smiley Face Link or Request for Support on the website. For more information, please visit

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