Press Release : September 23, 2015
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inz, 22nd Sep. 2015 Football fans can now take advantage of a new Result Prediction Programme on The aim of the programme is to reach higher accuracy in the prediction of football results, when used properly.
To do this, the programme uses extensive performance data provided by the company Opta, the worldwide leader in live sporting-data collection.
With the help of the Opta Player Score and their own, newly developed formula, the developers of TRIFAL were able to predict the correct outcome (1, 2 or X) for 80% of all 2014/2015 season matches. The same mathematical formula is used to predict future games.
Thanks to the amount of data on past performance, users can predict players’ future performance and assign them between 0-100 points. Using the newly assigned points, the most probable outcome of the match is then calculated with the TRIFAL formula. The closer the user comes to the players’ actual performance scores, the more accurate the prediction will be.
All necessary performance data for the German Bundesliga, Premier League and Austrian Bundesliga will be available throughout the 2015/2016 season. Additionally to these 3 leagues, the EURO 2016 will be added to TRIFAL programme next summer.
Not only can users calculate match results, they can also place bets and compete with the rest of the TRIFAL community. Furthermore, a COUCH COACH CHAMPION tournament will be held as of from the second half of the season.
Users can also create their own betting groups within TRIFAL. Thanks to detailed evaluation, group members can view the betting results and winners over an entire season or day by day. Bets can be placed on games in all three leagues. Next summer users will also be able to create betting groups for the EURO 2016.
All applications are available to users free of charge until further notice.

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