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Price comparison portal sees hope in aviation traffic surge at Heathrow Airport!

Posted 16th April 2010.

After going through a very torrid time, Aviation industry of the UK is finally seeing some green shoots in the offing. Reason: Passenger traffic at Heathrow Airport has grown in the last month. This is a remarkably positive sign considering the fact that off-late the Airport has seen a few strikes.

Meanwhile, the ever-growing price comparison business industry is smiling a lot due to it. And why not! After all, they have spotted an opportunity in these crisis times which they can capitalise upon to clock decent amount of profits via promoting travel insurance deals in the form of ‘compare travel insurance deals’.

Interestingly, this is where travel insurance companies can chip in with their various initiatives. Since, the business of price comparison portal is growing every day, it would be sensible if they partner with them (referring to leading names in the price comparison portal domain) and seek to expand their clientle by offering deals to visitors in form of the ‘compare travel insurance’.

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