PreviewMarkdown Brings Markdown Document Previews and Thumbnails to macOS Catalina

PreviewMarkdown Brings Markdown Document Previews and Thumbnails to macOS Catalina 1

Available in the macOS App Store, PreviewMarkdown from Black Pyramid Software is a low-cost* native macOS Catalina utility that delivers QuickLook previews and full Finder icon thumbnails of documents styled using the popular Markdown markup format.

macOS has supported third-party QuickLook previews and icon thumbnails for some time. However, starting with Catalina, Apple deprecated the traditional means of enabling these features. PreviewMarkdown uses the new, future-proof Application Extension method, which will soon replace the traditional QuickLook Generators.

While Catalina continues to support QuickLook Generators, many of them no longer function because they are not signed by an official Developer ID. Because it is delivered through the App Store, this is not a problem for PreviewMarkdown.

PreviewMarkdown is open source software.

For more details, please see the PreviewMarkdown web page:

Download PreviewMarkdown now from the macOS App Store:

About Black Pyramid Software

Black Pyramid Software is a London-based software development company which specialises in macOS and iOS applications and utilities. It’s founder and principal developer is Tony Smith, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the tech sector as a developer, a journalist (holder of senior roles on the website The Register and a contributor to a wide array of publications and news organisations, including The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, the BBC and CNN) and a technical author (IoT platform-as-a-service company Electric Imp and cloud communications platform Twilio).

*PreviewMarkdown is available at the Store’s lowest, non-zero price band in each region.

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