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Press Release: May 27, 2020

Technologies in Crisis

COVID10 has changed the priorities and so the new normal. zCon is expecting a surge in a few technologies.

1. Cloud & Serverless Architecture
The crisis had pushed many transaction Digital. The trend has seen a spike in an online transaction. More transactions and interactions are happening through mobile and handheld devices. To support the surge and performance of overall IT Infrastructure many IT leaders are looking at Cloud Computing. Cloud adoption has seen drastically increased as compared to the last decade. Many IT Leaders have preponed their decision about cloud and have seen benefits.
Most of the ISVs have increased the subscriber drastically considering everyone working from home. Due to a global customer base, ISVs need to start thinking of managing Infrastructure more effectively and efficiently and serverless architecture will help them to have a better balance towards IT support and customer experience.

Few of the high-level benefits of Cloud and Serverless Architecture in the current crisis :
• Seamless Operations for business continuity
• Able to manage the surge and increased demand
• Comfortable operational control while working from home
• Mundane administration and maintenance tasks manged by Serverless Architecture
• Able to focus more on IT effectiveness rather than IT Infrastructure Management & Support

2. Monitoring Services and Solutions
With employees working from home & using shared Infrastructure, IT leaders have to give focus on monitoring the Infrastructure remotely to balance the demand and performance. Also considering the privacy and information security, monitoring is becoming more critical to ensure Organization objective, the need of Work From Home infrastructure and Intellectual property concern of stakeholders.
Here with such monitoring tools and solutions, IT Leaders are managing –
• Productivity of remote workers
• Engaged and collaborative environment
• Secured access and privilege with self-service portals

3. Cybersecurity
4. Digital Assistant, Bot
5. Process Automation/RPA
6. Health and Contact Tracing Solutions
7. Touchless Interface and Solutions

About zCon:
Our mission “We partner with our global customers by crafting quality ‘technovative’ solutions which add value and facilitate their success.” zCon’s expertise in Product Life-Cycle development has given us the opportunity to work with more than 130 global customers to date. Our team is a 105+ strong and growing multi-fold on a YoY basis. zCon’s revenue growth is constantly above market averages for the Indian IT SME Sector. Clients rely on our expertise for tailored product development in accordance with their business needs as well as to achieve better time-to-market and ROI on new launches, and cost optimization with ongoing maintenance and enhancements. We help customers end -to-end: right from product conceptualization to release, to create a commercial proposition tailored to the target market.

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