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Zain Telecom commissions Sollatek for half a megawatt Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Press Release: January 19, 2010

Switched-on GSM managers are cutting energy costs and increasing operational efficiency by installing Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) developed by Sollatek, the UK-based world leader in the field of voltage regulation and protection. The AVR solution not only halves the cost of running on the diesel generators on which GSM (global systems for mobiles) sites depend on, it reduces the generator maintenance requirement and enhances working conditions.

In locations where the grid power fluctuates outside the voltage limits set on advanced telecom systems, GSM sites rely on diesel generators to ensure service reliability. The annual fuel costs for a 20kVA diesel generator (using approximately 18,000 litres of diesel) are in excess of $35,000, with additional expenses incurred for generator monitoring, frequent maintenance and servicing, plus spare parts.
Sollateks Automatic Voltage Regulator has an extremely wide input voltage range, so that diesel generators need only operate in cases of total power-cut or severely inefficient voltage supply by the local grid. Ideal for use with sensitive electronic equipment in harsh working environments, the AVRs solid state design (no moving parts) means it requires little or no maintenance. With a rapid response time (within 15 milliseconds) the AVR delivers over and under voltage protection, with class 1 lightning protection as an option. So, using Sollateks AVR, GSM sites enjoy significantly lower fuel and energy costs, reduced time and inconvenience in running diesel generators, as well as unbeatable protection from surges and spikes.

According to Manhal Allos, Sollateks Managing Director, With a Sollatek AVR solution, Tigo, a major telecommunication firm in Tanzania found that its diesel generators runtime could be reduced from 24-hour operation to only 1012 hours per day. This saves the company at least $18,000 per annum on fuel costs, the AVR paying for itself in a very short time. Additional benefits of Sollatek AVR for the Tanzania site include silent, fume-free running for much of the day, in contrast to the constant high noise levels experienced previously.

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