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Zab Technologies presents the Brand new p2p crypto exchange software with reliable security features

Press Release: June 18, 2020


Bitcoins and altcoins are becoming the center of the monetary system. We can see the rise of new cryptocurrencies now and then. The increasing market for cryptocurrency investment and exchange is due to its security. As we all know, the data is protected by Blockchain technology. But, there is a need for other security features to cover the entire process. Zab technologies come up with a p2p crypto exchange platform with effective security features.


The p2p cryptocurrency exchange needs tight security to prevent hacking or cyber-attacks. They may in the form of Phishing of mails. Or, it may be a private key that is unauthorized or protected by a single layer of protection. Others include software threats or pliant software protections. Zab technologies come up with a solution to providing unique security measures to secure the account. The security features are divided based on function - Technical and functional security features.

Some of the functional features are

  1. 2F authentication
  2. Time resistant transactions
  3. Cold wallet integration
  4. Multi-sig wallet
  5. Indication of changing passwords at regular intervals.
  6. Managing passwords to make cyberbullying complex.

Some of the technical features are

  1. DNS extensions for the security of the transaction.
  2. Registry lock.
  3. Cloud protection measures.
  4. Private key authentication measures - Multiple layer protection of private key.
  5. Hypertext protocol enabled public keys.
  6. Preventing Distributed Denial of service using the Anti-DDoS.
  7. Forgery protection measures - Cross-site forgery protection (CSRF) and Server-Side Forgery protection(SSRF)

With these impeccable security features, Zab technologies facilitate your p2p crypto exchanges more reliable and effective with p2p crypto exchange software. We can assist you in crypto exchanges and can help you to create a crypto exchange software platform to further improve your business. As it is the right time to invest in crypto coins, this is the best time to create your own cryptocurrency exchange platform too.

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