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Press Release: October 17, 2015

When Mark Rhodes and Ebru Ince launched Yummy Cheesecakes in 2010 as a home-based business as a result of a lifestyle change, they couldn’t have imagined the huge success they’d enjoy in so little time. Five years on they are supplying to retail outlets in Kent and Luton as well as local stockists in and around Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, not to mention a modest store in London; Fortnum & Mason.

Mark clearly gets a huge buzz out of his work, as he explains, “We are a dedicated team of passionate foodies bringing handmade desserts to market. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products using some of the very best ingredients and made with the passion of true food lovers. Our inspiration comes from the reaction of our customers as they take the very first bite. Watching the look on people’s faces as they taste our product is a real delight, knowing that something you have made with your own hands has brought so much pleasure, gives us all at Yummy Cheesecakes the desire to do more.”

With a flourishing reputation in the hotel and restaurant industry as well as wedding venues and catering, increasing demand has allowed them to move to bigger and better premises in 2012.

This year space has become an overriding concern once again for Mark and Ebru, with their initial thoughts being to perhaps relocate to larger premises. With added costs and time being battling factors, they decided to make the most of the space available to them instead. Expanding and reorganising their production facilities would not only provide that valuable space, it would ultimately allow them to work more efficiently.

“When working in the food business it is crucial that everything is organised and in its place. This aids with product control and lowers time spent looking for items and utensils, increasing efficiency not only speeds up production but also aids in quality control.” Mark continues
With a practical design in mind and reasonable budget in place Mark and Ebru set to work on their development project.

“We searched the internet for solutions and at one point we were looking to have custom made shelving created, as our needs were quite specific, and it looked as if nothing existed to meet our requirements. This was looking extremely expensive and beyond our budget, and for a while we didn’t know what to do.”

Mark continues “Unhappy at the thought of making do with what was on offer we spent hours searching the internet until we came across Shopfitting Warehouse. At first we thought it was just another site with the same old stock, but as we looked we started to realise that we could custom build items to our requirements.”

With renewed enthusiasm Mark started to draw up plans, making notes of measurements, mentally fitted in the shelving and other items that were available from Shopfitting Warehouse.

“I suddenly realised that things were fitting as well as a custom built shelving system but the price was only a fraction of what we had been quoted previously. The price difference was so much lower that we actually ended up ordering more than we previously budgeted for, and the great thing was we didn’t even go over our budget!”
Mark placed his order of various chrome wire shelving units and other retail equipment items to handsomely kit out his new project. Within a matter of days his products arrived, safe, secure and in a timeframe that he had anticipated.

“We set aside a long weekend to erect and fit the shelving and in the end we found that everything was complete and ready for use in less than 2 days, we actually managed to get a day off - what a bonus! The best bit was the system we purchased was so easy to erect and it worked perfectly.”

“The shelving has worked so well in the fridge it has given us far more capacity than we would have had with the normal stock shelves. We use it to chill the products until fully set. We have been running with the new system now for 4-5 months and its working out better than we could have imagined.”

As Yummy Cheesecakes continues to grow in size and stature, later this year they plan to develop and launch a new e-commerce website. They currently supply to private individuals but this will provide their growing customer base the opportunity to order online and receive Yummy Cheesecake direct.

Mark and Ebru are happily enlightened, “we now know where to get the answers to our stock problems, and we would not hesitate to recommend Shopfitting Warehouse or to purchase more ourselves as the need arises.”

For cheesecake sensations visit www.yummycheesecakes.co.uk

For inspiration and ideas for your storage and display project, please go to the Shopfitting Warehouse website

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