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Press Release: February 12, 2021

Using a YouTube Comment Finder is an easy way to locate people and sites on the web who share your interests. As this site has evolved, YouTube has attempted continually to get better and smarter ways to save you precious time while moderating comments on videos. It's now easier than ever to quickly weed out any of the inappropriate, less interesting or just plain offensive comments. For example, in one of my videos I had several people say things like "you're ugly", "get back in your box" and other suggestive comments. Instead of being able to manually screen each and every comment, I used a software program which I found online to quickly sort through the bunch.
The reason I went with the YouTube comment finder instead of a regular keyword search is because it is specifically designed to filter out any comments that fall under a particular topic. For example, if I was searching for information on obesity-related issues, then the result would show only obesity related comments. What I found after using the comment finder tool that was specifically designed for online moderation was that there were dozens of links that showed me exactly where the problematic comments were located and I could instantly filter those out and ignore the others.
Whether you are a beginner to internet marketing or a seasoned internet marketer, using a comment finder is an incredibly powerful and useful tool to quickly find and remove problematic comments. In fact, this little program has become so popular that it is actually set up by many of the leading internet marketers and professional comment moderation companies as a tool for helping them moderate their comments sections. You no longer have to spend valuable time sorting through spam comments left by spammers or people posting grossly offensive comments. Now you can eliminate those easily and quickly too. This is just one of the many benefits of using a YouTube Comment Finder tool.

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