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Youth Director Shemsu J. Lefevre to Release Documentary “Amateur Skaters”

Press Release: December 10, 2020

Santa Barbara, California: The skateboarding documentary Amateur Skaters will premiere next summer in July in theatres. Amateur Skaters, directed by one of the youngest feature film directors of the century at age 13, was filmed over the past year on location in Santa Barbara County. 
Amateur Skaters follows the story of four skateboarders entering the world of skateboarding in pursuit of one day turning pro. Through both success and failure, joy and pain, each of them grow as skaters and people. Kai Tautrim, a surfer on the Gaviota Coast doesn’t skate as much as he'd like to but doesn’t give up. Kahlil Aguilar, skates almost every day and is building his own skatepark at home with the help of his dad and support of his mom. Rowan Brownlee, living in Carpinteria, goes to the local skatepark often. Isaac Relis has been skating the longest out of the four and competed almost every weekend at local skating competitions. He was undefeated in his age group in all of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. With several ramps and street obstacles at home, he is always in practice and often skates alongside his younger brothers. 
Shemsu J. Lefevre started making films at age 10. He has made two short films and will be making his feature debut with Amateur Skaters. Aside from film, he is involved in theatre, photography, and other arts. 
Lefevre is available for interviews on Amateur Skaters, his films, and other work.  
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