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Youth Confidence Workshop Donated by Cream of the Crop Leaders

Press Release: March 05, 2018

Confidence affects everything. Contrary to popular opinion, confidence can be learned. And, learned confidence is for everyone. After all, few of us have been taught how to be confident, yet all of us benefit from feeling and projecting confidence.

That's why Dan and Sioux Messinger, Co-Founders of Cream of the Crop Leaders, are donating Outstanding Youth: Confident + Unstoppable, an extraordinary 2-day youth confidence workshop for sixteen Cook Islands' youth ages 15-25 on April 18-19, 2018; applications are currently being accepted. Last year, Aitutaki's Ararua College was gifted the same youth confidence workshop. According to Principal Tracy Spiers, "The development of confidence in my students was truly remarkable! Something that all people should do! Was great for myself as a school leader and was great for the students." Says Sioux Messinger, "The equality and empowerment of all human beings are our top company priorities. It's an honor to give back to the beautiful Cook Islands people, and support Cook Islands' youth." This event is supported by Cook Islands' National Youth Council President Sieni Tiraa and members Daniel Fisher and Teuru Passfield, Youth Development Advisor for the Ministry of Internal Affairs Tuaine Manavaroa, Secretary General of the Cook Islands' Red Cross Fine Arnold, who has generously donated the training room and administrative assistance, Tabitha Berg of the Cook Islands Red Cross, who is graciously handling applications and Rotaract, for donating a catered lunch.

So, what is it all about? Research suggests that learned power can evoke authentic feelings of confidence, improve executive functioning (the part of our brain that makes decisions), boost mood and, most importantly, propel people to approach rather than avoid the very challenges inherent in a vibrant life. Of course, all of these benefits are crucial for youth wellness.

How does it work? Workshop participants begin by practicing mannerisms demonstrated by confident people, including confident body postures, voice patterns, and other confident non-verbal mannerisms. Soon, many participants report feeling authentically confident and begin to express their authentic strength and beauty in a respectful yet non-apologetic way. The best news? Participants leave with simple tools to re-engage their confidence, whenever they wish, for the rest of their lives.

Even highly accomplished leaders from Facebook and more attend Cream of the Crop Leaders' award-winning adult version, The Executive Presence Training (www.CreamoftheCropLeaders.com), which is very similar in content to the youth version. Many of these leaders report that the tools they learned from Cream of the Crop Leaders' executive presence training workshops allow them to radiate the credibility needed to influence key stakeholders, inspire employees, approach challenges with gusto, advance their careers - and even resolve long-standing obstacles in their personal lives.

For more information about Cream of the Crop Leaders' Youth Confidence Workshop: www.ConfidentPowerfulYouth.com

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