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Your Country Needs YOUR Innovations! A new online “gateway” for your COVID-19 inventions and ideas

Press Release: April 02, 2020

GOT AN IDEA for tackling Coronavirus, but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got some good news for you. Innovolo - a UK-based company that champions innovation - have today launched their online portal where anyone can upload their product ideas for evaluation.

Your idea will be reviewed by a panel of experts that include technical and engineering professionals, chemical engineers, physicians, 3D designers, and more.

“We’ve all been impressed by stories of how people like James Dyson have brought a new ventilator from drawing board to finished product in a handful of days” observes Innovolo Operations Director Bradley Pallister. “But there are many others with a great idea that could help deal with Covid-19, they just lack the resources that enable them to get this from concept, to prototype, to reality.”

Now, with this online gateway – which you can access on the link below – any budding inventor can submit their idea for expert evaluation and advice:


Innovolo are offering a free-of-charge Preliminary Feasibility Study – a full written report on the viability of your product idea - to any submissions that meet their evaluation criteria. This crisis has created a host of challenges in a huge variety of environments, but it is also bringing out the extraordinary ability of individuals and companies to adapt and design new solutions to the problems we have never before faced on this scale.

With the help of product design and development experts like Innovolo, your idea – whether for a physical product, a software application, or a combination of both – could become reality far quicker than you think. And if it helps to save lives and secure jobs in this crisis, then you too will have played a critical role in helping the country move forward into better times once again.



About Innovolo:

Leading Systematised Creativity™.  Innovolo helps people from all walks of life to create unique products and services from their ideas that will bring them a guaranteed return on their investment. 

Innovolo designs products from baby formula dispensers to fully automated robotics for university students to blue chip corporations in the UK and abroad, using a unique creativity framework not found anywhere else, the Innovolation Framework™, a hybrid agile-waterfall product development and design process that brings our clients results, fast.

For more information, please visit www.innovolo.co.uk.  To view other global press releases about Innovolo, please visit www.innovolo.co.uk/pr.

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