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Your Best Source for Exclusive Gifts and Luxury Home Accessories in the UK

Press Release: October 27, 2015

Whatever your role in life, there is no doubt that you will be surrounded by people who you would like to pamper with luxury gifts on the special occasions in your life. Whether it be your boss or a member of your family, expensive and exclusive gifts are the order of the day when you want to show people exactly how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. iWoodesign, a UK based Design Company, offer you a wide range of exclusive gifts that are one of a kind, and made from the rarest materials and the most prestigious craftsmanship.

All the exclusive gifts available at iWoodesign are made from the rarest woods sourced from all over the world. The rare woods that they use include: Smoked Oak, Rosewood and Japanese Tamo Ash, and they are all of the most exceptional quality and handcrafted in a way that makes each of them an exclusive item. Some of the luxury gift items available from them are luxury jewellery boxes, luxury watch boxes, and luxury photo cubes. All of these items are fully functional but designed in such a way as to be a stunning addition to any home when placed on display.

Gifting luxury home accessories is a huge trend at the moment, and iWoodesign cater to this trend by offering homeware items that are of exceptional quality and one of a kind design. Their designer travels all over the world sourcing wood, and getting inspiration to ensure that every single item is exceptional in quality and therefore value for money. You can browse the range of luxury home accessories and exclusive gifts online at www.iwoodesign.com or call and speak to a representative on 0208 802 2425.

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iWoodesign is a UK based luxury gift designer who offers a huge range of one-off luxury gift items made of rare woods.

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London, UK
Phone: +44 208 802 2425
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