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Young Car Insurance Why do People use Fronting for Cheaper Car Insurance?

Press Release: January 14, 2010

Many young drivers now ask an older adult to take on the car insurance policy themselves in a practice known as fronting. Fronting for Young car insurance is an illegal move and car insurance providers take a very dim view of such a move, labelling it an act of fraud.

The overall idea of fronting is centred on an older, more experienced driver taking control of the Young car insurance policy and acting as the primary named driver. In reality, these primary drivers rarely even touch the wheel, with young drivers making the most of their cheaper car insurance as a secondary driver.

Whilst this is quite often the difference between a young driver being able to afford to run their vehicle and not, it is still breaking the law and many car insurance policies are invalidated if providers get wind of any potential fronting.

Both the young driver and the driver fronting their car insurance policy can get into serious trouble if they are found out. As fronting invalidates a car insurance policy, the young driver could potentially be hauled into court for driving without car insurance, resulting in hefty fines and points penalties.

Whilst many drivers unwittingly use fronting for their Young car insurance, the bottom line is that it is an illegal offence and is by no means a risk worth taking.

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