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Young Car Insurance - Parents Urged to Take Responsibility for Children at the Wheel

Press Release: March 10, 2010

Brokers find it hard to place their trust in newly qualified drivers, but parents can have a significant part to play in taking responsibility for their childrens safe driving at the wheel. Aviva car insurance has urged parents to give their children practical experience outside of professional lessons in order to be fully prepared for their driving test.

Statistics show that young drivers are 17% more likely to pass their driving test on the first time with increased practical lessons with parents. A whopping 50% of all new drivers who only experience professional teaching actually take at least four driving tests to pass.

An deciding factor when young car insurance is concerned is the risk of an accident within a drivers first year at the wheel. Around a quarter of all young drivers who do not gain extra driving experience with their parents experience at least one road accident. Avoiding a car accident could be the difference between hundreds of pounds where a young car insurance quote is concerned.

Nigel Bartram, Aviva motoring expert, claimed: "Our research shows that young drivers who gain valuable experience behind the wheel under the guidance of their parents are much more likely to pass their driving test first time around than those who only take paid-for driving lessons.

"The more experience young drivers can accrue behind the wheel, the better drivers they will be, especially if they are practising driving at night and driving in different weather conditions."

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