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Young American Rapper Announces Release Date for New Single, Drive

Press Release: September 14, 2020

(Modesto, California), (September 12, 2020)  

Young American hip-hop rapper, recording artist/engineer, R47 has announced the release date for his upcoming special new single, "Drive." The self-motivated and highly anticipated rap song is set to be released on October 12, 2020.  

"Drive" is an emotional rollercoaster of jam-packed lyrics written by R47 himself and produced by closely known producer, Missing Link. Using music to express his personal and current real-world crisis going on in our society, the young enthusiastic hip-hop artist wants to use this new single release to put out a powerful and emotional impact that paints a clear picture of the mental breakdown and other psychological effects suffered by individuals from the hands of bigotry and society itself.  

While discussing the new single that is coming up in October, R47 said that "Drive" will bring to life his musical skills and best describe his personal life experiences and the pain of seeing how much the world is beginning to crumble under the weight of turmoil, stress, and carelessness, which are big problems everyone possibly faces day in day out. R47 believes that music is a perfect platform where storytelling meets real-life afflictions, and therefore, should be used to motivate the affiliated relatable people.  

Drive's release is expected not only to serve as a melodious and impactful hip-hop rap packed lyric infused song but to also resonate strong positive vibes to every modern hip-hop rap music artist, lover. Even if the lyrics aren't your main attention center, "Drive" is expected to motivate, heal and inspire those who are emotionally troubled. Don’t expect anything less than a very solid well thought out song because I promise you that there is much more here than another random artist. 

To catch up with all the updates about this new special single release by R47, you can contact or follow him on Twitter @R47ray, Instagram @_The.47_ , Soundcloud @209_barss or visit his YouTube channel @OfficialR47.  

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