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Yorkshire technology firm brings wireless hope to ‘sandwich carers’ in Yorkshire

Press Release: September 06, 2019

Leeds-based technology firm, Pro-Tect Alarms, has developed a wireless monitored alarm system that combines security and safety, reducing the worry of those caught between working, caring for growing families and looking after elderly parents.

Often referred to as ‘Sandwiches Carers’, the number of carers looking after elderly parents is increasing, with figures suggesting that there are over 1.3 million people in the UK with multi-generational caring responsibilities - more than 500,000 of those living in Yorkshire.

“This can prove very difficult for a lot of people, trying to juggle their own family life and caring for elderley parents, often causing stress and even depression.” Stated Antony Carney, head of research and development at Pro-Tect Alarms.

According to the Office of National Statistics "The Sandwich Carer" generation are often in their 40s and 50s, and are being increased by a combination of factors, such as longer life expectancy and women tending to have
children later in life.

Two-Way voice monitoring is a relatively new technology in the UK and works like a burglar alarm with a number of features that provide both security and safety through the technology’s pre-set alarms. These features include monitored intruder alerts, smoke detectors and panic alerts. The alarm can be triggered by the system itself or by the person living in the home. Once an alert has been activated a signal is automatically sent to a central control room and an operator can then talk directly to the person in the property through the control panel, or if needed they will call a key holder.

“This type of technology helps remove some of the stress suffered by carers, enabling them to focus on work or home life, knowing that if there is a problem someone will contact them to let them know.” explained Antony.

The system is already being used in a number of homes across the Yorkshire region and is stated to be proving popular with both carers and those being cared for.

For help and advice please visit CarersUK at www.carersuk.org. For details on installing a Two-Way Voice Monitored Alarm contact Pro-Tect Alarms on Tel: 0808 281 0148 or an information pack email: info@pro-tectalarms.co.uk.

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