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Yorkshire startup plans to build world's first digital branding platform

Press Release: February 26, 2018

The world's first digital branding platform aimed at helping organisations connect with their customers is launching shortly. The company behind the project, Leeds-based startup Branswer, is hoping it will revolutionise the way we brand ourselves.

Completely automated, Branswer's "Brander" will be the first virtual consultant that asks users questions about their businesses to create unique personalised outputs - press releases, social media planners and even a business pitch. It acts as a brand consultant would, offering insight, suggestions and tailored communications for the user - all rolled up into one easy-to-use interactive application.

Kayla Herbert, Founder and Managing Director of Branswer said: "We want to help SMEs and charities really understand what makes them unique and how they can express this uniqueness. We want to bring awareness of how powerful branding can be. It's only when you know the real value in what you offer and learn how to communicate it in an authentic way that you can start to build solid relationships with your customers."

"We're very excited to be the first company in the world to offer this service. We've had excellent feedback from our prototype so far and we look forward to this next phase of development."

Brander, which can be pre-ordered from their Kickstarter page, comes with a range of features including a vision statement to help you set out how you'd like to change the world, competitor analysis to help determine how you fare against market rivals, defining values to help build a persona for your organisation, as well as guidance to help find a tone of voice that will resonate with your audience and align with your mission.

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