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York Roofing Company Recommends RubberBond™ for Flat Roofs

Press Release: June 03, 2017

Flat roofs have had a bad rap for years and many of them suffer leaks. But this can often be a result of poor maintenance, the age of the roof or bad workmanship. A professionally installed flat roof system should not cause any problems or leak and will last for years.

Because of a lack of building space, especially in urban areas, roof terraces have become more popular and a great alternative to a back yard or lawned garden.

Stuart Simpson, Director of TA Roofing in York stated, “We have seen an increase in the amount of flat roofing work on garages and roof terraces. We are pleased to have recently become approved installers of the RubberBond™ Fleeceback EPDM system and believe it’s such a breakthrough and a dependable solution for traditional flat roof problems”.

Stuart added, “We are so confident in RubberBond™ that we offer a 20 year guarantee for our customers’ peace of mind.”

Unlike felt roofing that may last 5-10 years, RubberBond™ roofing has been proven to last over 50 years and it also has a greater puncture resistance than most modified bitumen roofs.

Moreover, this high performance flat roofing system will not tear, split or crack, it can be easily fitted at any time of year, it’s clean and safe to install and it also looks good.

If you have a flat roof that’s not being used, why not consider extending your outside space with a roof terrace? But first, make sure you use a suitable flat roof system such as RubberBond™ Fleeceback EPDM. Be assured that this system is a premium roofing product and not to be confused with cheaper and inferior EPDM alternatives.

If you need any advice on flat roofing, TA Roofing can be contacted for help or advice.

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