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Yolancris will participate in the 2Nd Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks

Press Release: May 29, 2020

At YOLANCRIS we have been active and, despite the imposed distance, we have strived to be closer to all of you. Many voices are joining our philosophy and firm commitment to fight TOGETHER.
Therefore, it is an honor to participate in the second world forum organized by Fashinnovation, in which, for the first time, a Spanish fashion firm will participate.
This “2nd FASHINNOVATION WORLDWIDE TALKS” arrives with great expectations and has become the most prestigious platform in the fashion industry.
The creative director of the Firm, Yolanda Pérez, is one of the participants of a panel made up of more than 80 international experts in different areas of the fashion industry: Rebecca Minkoff, Susan Rockefeller, Coco Rocha, Oskar Metsavaht (Osklen & UNESCO ), Andrew Sharpless (Oceana), Stacy Flynn (Evrnu), Sara Maino(VogueItalia), Dr.HakanKaraosman and many others.
On June 5 (15:00 Spain and 9:00 EST) Yolanda will par- ticipate in one of the talks, which will be moderated by the director of Vogue Mexico, Karla Martinez de Salas, and in
which fashion designer Jonathan Cohen will par- ticipate , Marcia Kemp (founder of the

Nannacay Creati- vehands firm) and Laerke Skyum (co-founder of AYNI).
From here, the situation of the sector in Spain and Latin America will be specifically addressed, as well ast he important role crafts play regarding social, cultural and economic development, as a key point for sustainable fashion.
A forum in which to learn, get inspired and carry out initiatives and projects. Two intense days of talks, with real voices and leaders with the faithful commitment to fight against COVID19 and adapt fashion to a new reality that helps improve our society.
Fashinnovation is supported by Oceana & the Conscious Fashion Campaign, as well as the United Nations Office.
Sign up for the talks here https://content.fashinnovation.nyc/fi-www-talks-2020

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