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Press Release: May 21, 2020

Yoav Hasson hires mover according to Yoav Hasson helping customers at their homes or businesses, movers prepare items for transportation to another destination. While some run their own businesses, movers often work for professional moving companies that service a specific area.  Yoav Hasson have a team with other helpers, they help prepare, load, and unload items, and some also drive the moving truck. Movers work a physically demanding job that requires heavy lifting, and they sometimes work on nights and weekends to meet customers’ requests. Yoav Hawaon look for candidates who are physically able to do the work and provide the necessary training for qualified individuals.

Mover's Duties and Responsibilities

While a mover’s day-to-day duties and responsibilities are determined. Based on our analysis of Yoav Hassan these are:

Pack and Prepare Items

In Yoav Hasson office movers help prepare and pack customers’ items to prevent damage during transit. Their tasks include taking apart furniture, wrapping items in bubble wrap or stretch wrap, putting loose items in boxes and sealed bags, and using straps and cardboard sheets on large items. Yoav Hasson wants multi asking movers so that he can shift them into different works according to his need.

Shifting of Items

Movers load customers’ items from their buildings to the moving truck. They arrange items in the truck to fit the load and prevent objects from falling or getting damaged. At the destination, movers take the items off the truck and place them in the location the customer requests.

Take Inventory

Yaov Hasson check the record of track of the customer’s items to make sure nothing gets lost or damaged during delivery this is the most challenging responsibility that movers have.  Yoav Hasson checks down a description of each package or item at the customer’s location before starting loading and when they reach the destination to ensure they unload all the items.

Customer‘s Requests

According to Yoav Hasson Movers also answer customers’ questions and address requests they have for how they want items packed, loaded, and unloaded. They also provide information about price, time esteemed etc.

 Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks

Yoav Hasson checks that before leaving the customer’s loading site, movers ensures that there shouldn’t any garbage left behind during the packing process.

Skills and Qualifications

Yoav Hasson selected those movers who have detailed knowledge of proper packaging, loading, and unloading and ability to successfully assist their customers. In addition Yoav Hasson prefer candidates with a high school education and driving skills, He look for movers with the following qualities:

  • Physical ability – lifting, loading, and unloading heavy boxes and items like furniture etc require a lot of physical strength.
  • Customer service – movers have a key role in customer service since they need to follow their customers’ requests, answer their questions.
  • Teamwork – Yoav Hasson choose those candidates who usually have quality of interacting with a driver and other movers to effectively complete each job assignment
  • Organization skills – Yoav Hasson also ensure that movers in his organization use their organizational skills to plan how to best pack items and arrange them in the moving truck
  • Communication skills – According to Yoav Hasson last but not least quality is to have good writing and verbal communication skills so that it help him to keep the moving team and customers informed.

Work done by the movers

These are the works that is done by the movers of Yoav Hasson’s organisation:

  • Lifting of equipment like dollies, ramps, pallet hacks, ordered items etc. It depends upon the work that is performed by the movers.
  • According to Yoav Hasson movers uses different types of tools screwdrivers, wrenches, drill etc during any project completion.
  • At last Movers involved in packing works and uses Packing supplies tape, ropes, straps to pack the items.

Yoav Hasson inspect movers works so that all work should be done in neat and clean manner and delivered to customer on proper time.

Education and Training

Yoav Hasson  usually prefer to hire high school graduates for mover positions and also require that movers are at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license .His company firstly give them training how to use equipment, protect items, and work safely. Yoav Hasson prefer those movers who obtain a commercial driver’s license to drive the moving company’s trucks. And Yoav Hasson also focused on to have a staff with multitasking skills.

Mover Salary and Outlook

According to Yoav Hasson the salary of movers is between 20 to 30 thousand per month and with experience this would increase it depends upon the learning capacity of the movers and on his additional talent. Yoav Hasson give advantages to full-time employees working for his companies these include healthcare, vision, and dental benefits; performance bonuses and raises; advancement opportunities; retirement plan options; and paid vacations and holidays. One more advantage is that Customers may also give movers additional tips for their services.

Notes to editors

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