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YKYZ: The new way to stay connected

Press Release: June 21, 2020

  • EveryBit Inc.has unveiled its latest demo project in the form of COM. An amazingly brilliant, fresh, and unique idea to introduce a Social Platform where you can interact with each other via audio clips. Whatever you want to say, share, or listen to is in the form of a recorded audio clip that you upload on this website for everyone to hear.


  • There are No Pictures, No Videos, and No Text-based comments or posts. Simply enjoy the unhampered and unadulterated communication where every sound that you broadcast directly befalls the ears of your listener.


  • The Best part is that this website is entirely FREE to usefor any and every individual and there are No Advertisements whatsoever! How cool is that?


  • Also, we do not believe in the censorshipof media uploaded on this website. Everyone has the right to convey their opinion. However, they like without the fear of getting banned. Nevertheless, there is a set of values of mutual respect that everyone should believe in and adhere to while using this platform.


  • On this website, it doesn't matter how Rich and Good you look; the only significant thing is how you sound. Your accent, your confidence, and your vocabulary build your profile here.


  • Since everything is in audio, it is super smooth and takes a tiny amount of data and processing ability to run. Therefore, it can be accessed from literally anywhere at any time.


  • You can make a group or a post related to your favorite subject and listen to the comments and postings of other people on the same subject, just like the podcasting directoriesin iTunes. Hosting is free, and RSS Feeds are handled by the website.


  • This offers a unique opportunity for new content creatorsto upload their mini podcasts on this platform without any financial setback and the calm, ad-free environment makes it more user-friendly. Therefore, people spend more time on this website.


  • With features like Direct Messaging, users can interact directly with each other, if the like, also of course, in the shape of audio recordings.


  • Text cannot convey emotions and tone as perfectly as the audio recorded message from someone. Also, it is much more convenient for the broadcaster to send an audio message instead of typing the whole thing.


  • This presents an exciting new opportunity for social media users around the world to try this website for themselves and feel the burden of visual dependence going away as they rest their eyes and fingers to rely on the sense of hearing and speaking for a while.


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